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Nanjing Shangchao Shidai Electronics Co., Ltd. is a private high-tech enterprise engaged in the R&D and manufacture of cash receivers and bill printers, as well as the development and sale of commercial retail software and catering software (with the National Certificate of high-tech enterprises). The company takes "growing with customers" as its business service concept, and "developing retail terminals (software) with the highest cost-effectiveness in the world" as its goal. In the research and development and manufacture of products, the principle of independent innovation, high starting point, high standards and strict requirements are always penetrated. In the short ten years since its establishment, the company has actively absorbed a number of software development elites and experts in the research, development, design, manufacture and service of electronic equipment, and has established a set of fast, efficient, clear responsibilities and powers, and reasonable allocation management system in accordance with the management concept of modern enterprises. It has a large number of similar products at home and abroad. Among the R&D firms, they are unique and stand out.

At present, the company has successfully launched a number of series of cash registers, printers and application software of "good partner" and "money-shaking" brands, which are widely used in supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurants and bars throughout the country. At the beginning of its establishment, the company invested a lot of money in independent research and development, and established a software research and development center. From the beginning, it focused on the research, development and application of information technology in commercial automation and catering and entertainment industry. It is one of the earliest software developers in retail industry in China, and it is also the solution of the current domestic retail circulation information technology. The most competitive supplier and service provider of the scheme. In 2011, on the basis of many years of production, research and development of cash register and its software, combined with valuable industry knowledge and project practice experience, the Internet intelligent cash register based on Linux embedded operating system and ARM architecture was launched, which achieved double breakthroughs in technological innovation and market sales, and gained high praise in the industry. "Good Partner" brand cash register sales for many years to win the first place in the domestic market; won the top ten most influential POS brand in China; the company was awarded the best cutting-edge enterprise by the China Chamber of Electronic Commerce......................................

In recent years, the company has developed a multilingual version of embedded software. Because of its high efficiency, low consumption, stable operation and no copyright dispute, it has won the favor of customers in the Middle East, the United States, Europe and other places, and its performance has been rising year after year. Cebit, Germany, CES, Taipei Computex, the world's three largest electronic products exhibitions, have been brilliant and have received more orders from customers around the world.

The business environment is evolving from extensive business to professional market, from e-commerce to cognitive commerce, and the good partner cash register system has also rapidly realized a comprehensive iteration from IT architecture to DT architecture, and has become a genuine cash register for marketing. With the deep application of human-computer interaction and perception technology, good partners will become the most valuable business intelligence in the near future.

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